12 mei 2018

Sciences and Technologies applied to Heritage Conservation

Contributions of scientific research to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, have been fruitful and productive. This discipline appeared in the late eighteenth century, with the application of empirical procedures and results, improving substantially with the constitution of specialized technical workgroups in the 60s, with specific objectives and procedures. 

Nowadays, the need of creating, supporting and developing cultural heritage conservation scientific and technical groups is out of debate in any world-class conservation center. Therefore, in countries supporting the protection of cultural heritage, a qualified scientific body has successfully been integrated and consolidated as part of cultural heritage protection procedures. 

However, scientific specialization in cultural heritage is not an established discipline in terms of training programs, since its role has not been properly communicated and valued., there are no dedicated scientific degrees related to heritage conservation in Spain, even though many other include contents that may have an application in this field. In consequence, there is a real need to get to know and organize training activities related to technical and scientific contribution to restoration and conservation of cultural heritage for curators, restorers and managers, among others. 

Strengthening the bonds between the two already mentioned fields, Science and Culture, should be a priority for Public Administrations. In this context the Spanish National Research Plan in Cultural Heritage promotes every two year this Congress. 

Being 2018 the EUROPEAN YEAR OF CULTURAL HERITAGE, this edition will enhance the international dimension of the Congress. To achieve this, European research groups, professionals explaining the state of the art of European cultural heritage research and trans-national research projects will be part of this year’s program. 



11/12/2018, Liège - Belgium
Want to know more about conservation research & theses in Belgium? This event focuses on research in conservation from Belgium. It aims to gather heritage professionals & students around presentations and interactive sessions about recent research and theses. [Meer]
12-14/06/2019, Belfast - United Kingdom
Icon’s 2019 conference will be in BELFAST, and will take place from 12th-14th June 2019 at Belfast Waterfront. [Meer]
Materials and Methods for Surface Cleaning and Removal of Film-Forming Materials, by Paolo Cremonesi [Meer]


07 oktober 2018
Op 14 oktober vindt er in het kader van ECHY 2018 (The European Year of Cultural Heritage) in heel Europa voor het eerst de Dag van de conservatie-restauratie van cultureel erfgoed plaats. De beroepsvereniging voor conservators- restaurateurs van kunstvoorwerpen (BRK- APROA) organiseert in samenwerking met haar Europese overkoepelende organisatie E.C.C.O. (European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations) een evenement om iedereen te sensibiliseren rond het belang van conservatie-restauratie van cultureel erfgoed. [Meer]
14 september 2018
Beste collega's,  Op zaterdag, 20 oktober, organiseert de BRK-APROA een uniek geleid bezoek aan het Instituut van de Ursulinen en de wintertuin, Bosstraat 9, 2861 Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver. [Meer]
12 september 2018
De petitie staat online. https://www.change.org/p/later-red-onze-liften-sauvons-nos-ascenseurs [Meer]
19 juli 2018
Postprints: Keuzes en dilemma's in de conservatie-restauratie/Choix et dilemmes en conservation-restauration [Meer]
09 juni 2018
De BRK-APROA zal vertegenwoordigd zijn op Renoresto 2018 (4-5 oktober 2018). [Meer]