22-23/03/2019, Munich - Germany

Konservierung und Restaurierung polychromer Bildwerke Conservation and restoration of polychrome sculpture

After the great success of the conference on the restoration of panel paintings in May 2015, the focus of another conference organized by the Verband der Restauratoren (Association of Con- servators) now will be on polychrome sculptures, and the practise of their conservation and restoration. With the kind support of the Technical University of Munich, the VDR and the polychrome sculp- tures section cordially invite you to the conference on 22nd and 23rd March 2019.

The conference will focus on the special challenges of polychrome sculpture and the questions of conservation regarding damaged surface structures or changes in the chromaticity. Antique marble figures, medieval wood sculptures decorated with pressed brocade or colored plaster sculptures of the 19th century – they all have

in common the combination of three-dimensional form and polychrome surface which determines the aim, the concept and the technical realisation of the conservation restoration.

Since the beginning of sculpture conservation, different approaches have been used. Currently, a restrain regarding interventions is propagated which does not necessarily correspond to the practical approach. But how are decisions made at the moment and which treatments are carried out? What are the expectations placed on the restored sculpture? What factors determine the conservation – and did they change in the recent decades? How do we deal with previous restoration treatments?

The conference aims at reflecting the current state in dealing with the surfaces of polychrome sculptures. For this, in addition to theoretical considerations, the practical and technical aspects of the implementation are of particular interest.

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