17 november 2020

Call For Papers


25/02/2021, Brussels - Belgium
Conservation Talks: Big Research in Tiny Speeches is back for a second edition! This full-day conference focuses on academic conservation research conducted in Belgium, such as PhD and Master Thesis work. The concept is to give both conservation professionals and students the space to dynamically present their research in tiny, 10 minute speeches. [Meer]


17 november 2020
Call for Papers BRK-APROA Colloquium 2021 Conservatie-restauratie in context In november 2021 gaat het 11de BRK-APROA colloquium door in Brussel. [Meer]
30 september 2020
However this very challenging year, E.C.C.O. recommends that celebrations are carried out virtually. Dissemination will be achieved through national and ECCO’s social media. [Meer]
13 mei 2020
Dit rijkelijk geïllustreerd boek bevat de postprints van de 10de editie van het tweedaags internationaal colloquium van BRK-APROA in november 2019. [Meer]