2-5/10/2019, Guebwiller - France
Après avoir consacré son précédent colloque en 2016 aux peintures monumentales en Bretagne, le Groupe de recherches sur la peinture murale (GRPM) invite les chercheurs confirmés et débutants à se réunir autour de la peinture murale en Alsace et dans les régions alémaniques afin de combler un vide. Le colloque sera ouvert à des contributions de synthèse tant qu’à des conférences monographiques mais avec la volonté forte de permettre de faire le point des connaissances sur le sujet. Les interventions s’inscriront dans des champs disciplinaires variés : histoire de l’art, histoire, archéologie, architecture, conservation- restauration. Des posters sont ouverts aux jeunes chercheurs et aux travaux des associations de sauvegarde et de valorisation de ce patrimoine. [Meer]
5-7/09/2019, London - United Kingdom
This conference marks the 5th Interim Meeting of ICOM-CC Glass and Ceramics, and the 34th year of dedicated events from Icon’s Ceramics and Glass Group. [Meer]
19-21/06/2019, Pamplona - Spain
The 5th HMC 2019 will focus on research about aspects concerning technology and characterization of historic mortars, significance of the mortars and conservation and restoration issues in historic masonry structures and archaeological sites, historic plasters, design and preparation of preservation products, repair materials (mortars, renders, plasters and grouts) and test methods (for historic and repair mortars). [Meer]
12-14/06/2019, Belfast - United Kingdom
Icon’s 2019 conference will be in BELFAST, and will take place from 12th-14th June 2019 at Belfast Waterfront. [Meer]
2-6/09/2019, Neuchâtel - Suisse
On behalf of the coordination team of the Metals Working Group and the organizing committee of the conference, we would like to welcome you to Metal 2019, the 9th interim meeting of the ICOM-CC Metals Working Group. [Meer]
29-31/05/2019, Lisbon - Portugal
This congress aims to address plastics history and heritage by encouraging papers that contribute to a deeper understanding of the socioeconomic culture and material culture of historic polymeric materials (HIPOMS) in their various representations and functions in society. [Meer]
7-10/05/2019, Brugge - Belgium
The University of Antwerp (AXES group) and Musea Brugge (Municipal Museums of Bruges) have the pleasure to invite you to the 2019 edition of Technart. The sixth edition of this biannual conference will take place in the historic city centre of Bruges (Belgium), which is listed as UNESCO world heritage.  [Meer]
8-10/04/2019, Ashburn - United States of America
This workshop will focus on the basic weave structures of plainweave, twill, satin and gauze and their variants, forming a basis for understanding textile traditions. [Meer]
22-23/03/2019, Munich - Germany
The conference will focus on the special challenges of polychrome sculpture and the questions of conservation regarding damaged surface structures or changes in the chromaticity. [Meer]
28/02-01/03/2019, San Francisco - United States of America
Integrated Pest Management is now considered an essential component of a well-rounded preventive care policy. Preventing pest damage is better for collections and, over time, more cost effective than treating an infestation. Co-taught by a pest management professional and a conservator, this workshop is appropriate for a range of museum, library, and archive professionals including conservators, facility staff, collection managers, registrars, librarians, and archivists. [Meer]
21-22/02/2019, Brussels - Belgium
During this two-day workshop, participants will be presented with theoretical and practical aspects of the buffer solutions used in the cleaning of artworks. Each participant will receive a kit including a selection of solutions to bring back to his/her workshop. [Meer]